Happy Anniversary - Rhiannon and Shane

September 30, 2018  •  3 Comments

IMG_3473aIMG_3473a Today marks the first anniversary of my sister’s wedding to Shane. This blog of their wedding day is a little (read very) belated. The setting for the wedding was the stunning Greek island of Kastellorizo, the venue was the beautiful Megisti Hotel. The guests arrived by boat from either Turkey or Rhodes and this was the scene that greeted us as we awoke on the morning of the wedding.


My thoughts on seeing this were firstly to photograph the scene and secondly to post a status on Facebook (obviously).


The sun is rising on the wedding day of my sister Rhiannon and (soon to be brother in law) Shane. All is calm, peaceful and beautiful. A perfect start the what I know will be a beautiful day and life together. I'm sure that the tranquillity of this moment will wear off in a little while but the joy and excitement won't. Good luck to you both. I love you x


The calm did wear off and gave way to emotions of excitement and joy with a few tears too. The bridal preparations of this wedding were a little rushed for me to say the least, so although I did take some preparations photographs I’ll simply share this one of Shane. I think he’s looking more excited than nervous and also a little as though he can’t believe his luck; the sentiment was shared by his bride!

IMG_3190IMG_3190 Rhiannon was walked down the aisle by our dad. The walk was accompanied by Concept Players’ beautiful rendition of Calon Lan, Rhiannon and Shane, along with myself, are members of the company. One of the perks of membership, as well as having a fantastic group of friends, is that you always have a band of willing performers for weddings, parties, openings, Mondays… IMG_3272IMG_3272

The legalities of the marriage had already taken place back in the UK which meant that Rhiannon and Shane were able to use this day to declare their vows in a very personal and intimate way. The ceremony was conducted by Rhainnon’s very old (he will hate me for that) friend, Adam. It was intimate, and beautiful. IMG_3338 blurIMG_3338 blur IMG_3343IMG_3343 There were tears of joy and some of sadness as Somewhere Over The Rainbow was sung by the whole party. There was one very special lady missing from the celebrations however she was very much there in spirit and in the hearts and minds of all who knew her. Nana loved her family and loved Greece and would certainly have loved this wedding. IMG_3451IMG_3451 The ceremony was followed by some time to celebrate before a reluctant Rhiannon was persuaded to leave for some photos. Rhiannon didn’t want to leave her party but I promised that I would get what I needed in 20 minutes and I did! It was her day and it was perfect so I can understand not wanting to miss a moment. I’m so glad we did leave though, I think the photos speak for themselves here. Kastelloriso is so beautiful I’d have found it difficult not to get a good shot. IMG_3463_1IMG_3463_1 IMG_3473aIMG_3473a IMG_3500IMG_3500 IMG_3506IMG_3506 IMG_3523IMG_3523 We returned to the party and there was chance for a few more family shots before the wedding breakfast and speeches. My work was completed when the first dance was over. IMG_3553IMG_3553 IMG_3577IMG_3577 IMG_3579IMG_3579 IMG_3590IMG_3590 IMG_3636IMG_3636 IMG_3669_1IMG_3669_1

IMG_3744IMG_3744 IMG_3679IMG_3679 IMG_3738_1IMG_3738_1 A year on and a lot has changed for Shane and Rhiannon, they didn’t let the grass grow and their daughter Lily is nine weeks old today! Congratulations on your anniversary, I’m not sure this year can top the last one for you but I hope it does. 

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Lovely post and happy anniversary to Rhiannon and Shane. :)
Joanne Griffiths(non-registered)
Stunning! xx
Janet Rose(non-registered)
All I can say is fabulous x
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